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Colocation Data Center

Power Systems


The UPS systems ensure clean and conditioned power is always provided to the racks. use fully redundant UPS systems 2(N+1) that are modular, and scalable operating at no less than 96% efficiency. Each UPS has redundant power modules, intelligence modules and battery models. All modules are hot swappable with integrated intelligence and diagnostics. Since the UPS's have hot swappable power modules, intelligence modules and battery modules, they are never taken off line, even during maintenance or service.

Each rack is fed by fully redundant A & B power circuits and independent UPS systems. The UPS systems and power supplied to the racks exceeds Tier IV standards for redundancy, maintenance and backup.

The UPS systems were selected to meet high density power demands of up to 25 kW per rack.


N+1 redundant back up diesel generators with redundant fuel filtering, pumps and fuel polishing, provide guaranteed power with a minimum of 48 hours of fuel storage in the event of a power failure. The two diesel generators automatically sense any loss of power and will provide power within 30 seconds of a utility outage. The UPS systems handle all power needs while the generator begins its starting procedure.

Concurrent Maintainable

Concurrent maintainability is key to Tier III certification.    It means the data center is operational during maintenance as it has suitable redundancy to allow any piece of equipment to be service or maintained at any time, with no down time.

Switch Gear

The data center is equipped with redundant switch gear to ensure zero downtime. All mission critical physical infrastructures are fully backed up.

Power Distribution Racks (PDU's)

The data center is equipped with flexible modular and hot swappable PDU's that allow our clients to modify the power capability to each rack as needed. The data center is completely flexible for meeting power demands of our clients.

Rack mount PDU's provide two separate power feeds to each server. The PDU's are metered and switchable allowing data center tenants to switch their servers remotely. Intelligent monitoring down to the server level allows our clients to cycle their servers remotely and monitor the power consumption at the U level.

Data Center Racks

48U racks with proximity card locks on the front and back of each rack. Racks are equipped with A + B rack PDU's for dual feeds to each server. Rack PDU's are metered and switchable.

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