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Colocation Data Center

Cooling Systems

A great deal of attention has been devoted to designing the most energy efficient cooling systems that can handle heat load densities up to 25 kW per rack. The data center has free cooling systems that automatically activate when ambient temperatures permit. The chiller plant will cycle down and the free cooling systems activate for a PUE as low as 1.09. The systems have been designed as fully redundant with N+1 on the chillers, pumps, valves and CRACS.

The data center uses closed loop cooling systems (Hot Aisle Containment) in the white space to properly extract the heat and not allow blending of the supply (cold air) and the return air.   Hot Aisle containment provides an even server air inlet temperature across all rack units from the bottom of the rack to the top of the rack. This provides the most effective cooling for high density servers ensuring no short cycling of hot air, and complete removal of all server heat loads.    

Considerable resources were spent Energy Master Planning the datacenter and modeling the IT, electrical and mechanical systems to determine the most effective solutions to handle high density racks at the lowest PUE. In addition, the chilled water piping and electrical distribution is physically segregated and there is no power or network cabling beneath the raised floor.

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